San Francisco East Bay, CA Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

CSH Super Scholars

As a Catholic Schoolhouse community, we are here to encourage each other and walk together as life-long learners. Students in CSH will be introduced to the memory work for each week by their grammar tutor in the classroom.

At the end of each six-week period, each child will be given the opportunity to earn a prize as a reward for the amount of memory work they have achieved mastery over. You can use this chart to help you keep track of your student’s progress and subject mastery across weeks. Feel free to print it out for each of your students, keep track on your computer…whatever works best for you!

Participation in this incentive program is optional, and the level of mastery required for each student to obtain a point is up to the parent’s discretion.


CS log            Super ScholarThe cornerstone of achievement in which Catholic Schoolhouse scholars demonstrate their mastery of twenty -four weeks of memory statements covering seven different subjects.thinker


Super Scholar is an incentive for our grammar students to learn all of the memory work.  Awards will be given to those who have successfully memorized each subject area. Students may choose all or one or more subjects to work toward.Parents will work with their student at home and confirm they are ready to be evaluated at year’s end. The Director will quiz the student with just the parent present. (Parents are there for support and witness but must remain quiet.) The Director will randomly quiz the child with the beginning portion of the memory work or asking about a topic.

For example:

Director:  “Tell me about the area of a rectangle.”

Student:  “The area of a rectangle equals length times width.”

Director:  “Finish this statement: The Civil Rights movement started in…” and the child will respond with the entire history statement.​ OR Tell me about the Civil Rights Movement.”

Once the Director is satisfied the child indeed has achieved the award, achievements and prizes will be celebrated and awarded at our Year End Showcase!


Additional tips for parents: The most successful students usually sing the answers to the director when prompted. Please encourage your students that singing the answer during testing is perfectly acceptable.